*Can I keep my OEM tow hooks?*
No, our bumpers come with 1” Thick D- Ring shackle mounts in front and rear models to take the place of the factory tow hooks.

*Does the lift on my truck change my bumpers?*

Only if the lift is a "body lift". Bumper Mounts are available to accomdate body lifts for most models. If you have a suspension lift there is no modifications necessary.

*In the case of a rear bumper is the factory hitch still usable?*

Our rear bumpers fit right above your factory hitch so the factory hitch is still 100% untouched and usable.

*How much do the bumpers weigh?*

It depends on a combination of factors to determine the weight of your bumper. A base bumper weighs about 120lbs. If you add a Full Guard option it can add up to 90lbs. Keep in mind though that if you intend to install a winch in your bumper that you need to add the weight of the winch as well.

*What winch will fit in my bumper?*

Almost any face mount winch with the standard 4 ½” x 10” hole pattern will mount inside the bumper up to the Warn 16.5, Jeep bumpers will accept up to a 9.5

*What are the bumpers made out of?*

The bumpers are constructed out of high quality de-scaled A36 Plate in ¼” and 3/16” thicknesses

*What do you recommend as a finish?*

Our standard process is Powder Coating. We use a SP10 White metal Blast along with a zinc based primer followed by the Textured Black Powder coat. Other colors of Powder Coating are available as well but not in a texture finish which is what makes the black extremely durable

*Is there any adjustment in the mounts to accommodate vehicle imperfections?*

All Bumper have some Horizontal and Vertical adjustment to allow a “perfect fit”